Good enough


Before I started this graduate program, I used to think, if I only had my Masters people would listen to me. Recently, I have found myself envying others who have completed their Masters. I see other staff becoming faculty and at the same time I think, when it will be my turn. What I am realizing is when I envy others, I devalue my own experience.

I started this graduate program with the intention to one day become a Student Affairs faculty member who could blend theatre with student development. I saw myself finishing my degree and being able to advise students, teach leadership and cultural programming classes and direct plays. As I enter my third and final year of the program, I am starting to wonder if my degree will be good enough. At the community college level, there are very few of us with degrees in College Student Affairs and for those with one, the college does not know what to think of us. Are we good enough to be in Administration? To join the faculty ranks? You bet!

What will happen when I am done? I think I will be surprised to see that instead of more people listening to me, it will be myself listening to what I want to do and trusting myself to go after it.


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