Celebrating 2 years with horseback riding


Today’s high: The calm feeling you get when you ride a horse. Knowing everything is caught up at home, at work, and in life. And then you look back at the person you are riding with and realize sharing your life is the best thing you ever did.

2 years ago today, I found Matthias’ Match.com profile. A fellow Aquarian, I sent him a message. On his profile he said he often visited bookstores. So, in my message, I let him know of a great bookstore in Sonoma called Readers Book that he should check out. Days later I heard back and now we enjoy and share our lives together. And boy are we enjoying life! Today, we went horseback riding for this first time in about 15 years. The last time I remember riding a horse was at my elementary school friend Melissa’s house. All I can remember from that day at Melissa’s is the horse going very fast back to the barn. Today’s horseback riding was so much fun. I really did it! We rode for 2 hours around Roche’s Wine vineyard right near the Sonoma Racetrack. Thanks to Matthias for always saying “Hey, we should go horseback riding.”

Always listen to your friends and partners when they say “let’s do something you have not tired in a long time”…always worth it.

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  1. Your first paragraph sounds like a Hallmark card. It almost made me cry! Doesn’t everyone long for those feelings? At this point in my life, I couldn’t be farther from that realization!

    I’m happy for you!

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