My Student Affairs Highlights from 2013


2013 was a great year for the simple moments in Student Affairs. Here are my top three that stood out the most:

June- Making it to my Redwood City/Belmont/San Carlos Chamber of Commerce Class of 2013 Leadership Graduation. I was pregnant with twins the whole time I was part of the class and I learned so much about how cities and counties work on the Fridays I made it. I especially appreciated economic development and learning how it truly is the backbone to everything we need to keep our cities and local colleges thriving. It inspired me to be a leader in my own community and start applying to be part of my local City Council Community Boards.

August- C0-leading the Transfer Hike at the Dish on the Stanford University campus. I was in my final weeks of living in Redwood City, and from my apartment I could see the satellite dish tower. For the last three years, I had heard about this “Dish” hike and driven by it many times. I knew it was something I had to do before I moved. Then one day the idea came to team up with a fellow student government officer, Lexie, who was transferring to UC Davis and to organize a Transfer Hike for student leaders who were transferring that fall and those student leaders continuing at the community college with plans to transfer the following year. We booked the Saturday before the fall semester started. Even though we only ended up with 2 other students it was worth it. I think Lexie and I planted a seed for future Transfer Hikes and for each other. I’m looking forward to being there as her transfer advisor and checking in as she finishes up each quarter. As much as I was there to help her transfer, I now want to be there when she earns her university degree.

October- My Student Life Department Highlighted in my college’s Accreditation Visit. The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) came to Canada College during the month of October. As many of you know who work at CA Community Colleges, there is a lot of hard work that goes into preparing for their visit. Even though I was on maternity leave during their actual visit, I had finished my program review before I left including assessment of my student learning outcomes and the final edit for the accreditation chapter that I was in charge of.

On that Thursday afternoon the Visiting Team Chair Dr. Pam Luster (President of San Diego Mesa College) shared both commendations and recommendations in her exit presentation. As she presented the top four Commendation for Canada College, my department of student life was number two!

Commendation for Canada College

  1. The college has an inclusive environment with broad participation and collegiality in decision-making.
  2. There is a high level of student engagement in the campus and student life and its leadership promotes many activities.
  3. Excellent collaboration among faculty, students, and Classified Professionals to conduct great student support programs such as STEM, Beating the Odds Peer Mentoring, and Student Ambassador programs.
  4. CIETL provides excellent opportunities for faculty to have dialogue to support student learning.

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