Today’s College Enrollments Depend on Financial Aid


With enrollment being up 23% for us, and most of the new students being 18 to 21 years, I started thinking about the similarities and differences to going to college today compared to 10 years ago. The main difference is the cost. More and more students have to work while going to school. The hardest part for a student affairs professional working at a community college is I want these students to experience campus life, enjoy their classes and transfer some day. Right now, they pay $60.00 for a class. In two to three years, they are going to be paying triple that amount at the four-year level. If these students are struggling to stay in school now, how are they going to pull if off down the road? They are going to pull if off thanks to the support and guidance from all the Financial Aid departments out there.

I have to give a huge hand for I Can Afford campaign and Napa Valley College’s own Financial Aid department. Many of our students are making it to class because Financial Aid made it happen.

If you are a college student either attending a Two-Year or Four-Year college and you are not receiving Financial Aid, I encourage you to visit your Financial Aid office today. Even if you qualify for $1.00, its one less dollar you do not have to work for.

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  1. This is my better late than never comment! Please encourage your students to not only visit the Financial Aid office, but to do the FAFSA early! All federal money is given out on a first come first serve basis. There really is a lot of money out there for students. Also, another great website for your students to find scholarships is

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