What’s the deal with Facebook


Soo..I was working pretty well tonight on my student strengths paper when I got distracted by reading people Facebook pages. Who would have thought that 10 years later people would be “poking” or “leaving messages on someone’s wall” on the Internet? On one side, social networking on the Internet has open doors to new ways of sharing your life. The other side is you are sharing yourself and your conversations, activities with EVERYONE. What if you share more of yourself on your Facebook page then in person? Does that mean people know who you are even if you never tell them in real time? Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of the connecting, sharing what’s new with you and keeping in touch. And those world maps that people have that show where they have traveled; very cool. But in the end, I can’t leave a message on my sister’s wall. I just love hearing her answer her phone “hello darling” way to much to start talking to her through Facebook.


  1. For me it’s getting a bit overwhelming: myspace, facebook, linkedin, xing – when am I supposed to write something on my blog? Not to mention keeping in touch with friends and family by phone? Or even hang out with them?

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